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It's Time to Energize Your Career:
Become a Certified Golf Coach!


Are you looking to expand your teaching business, coaching expertise and professional credentials? Drawing upon sport science research and his extensive experience training PGA and LPGA touring professionals, Dr. Rick Jensen provides golf coaches with golf-specific education and training in:

 • Facilitating skill acquisition and accelerating learning
 • The application of sport science (motor learning, fitness, biomechanics and sport psychology)
 • Applying practice and feedback strategies
 • Motivating and communicating with students
 • Transferring skills to the golf course
 • Training mental toughness and self-management

 • Making money: Increasing your income and profitability
 • Growing your coaching business year-over-year
 • Working smarter, not harder
 • Differentiating your coaching from traditional teaching
 • Marketing and promoting your coaching business

Certification is for established, experienced, motivated professionals only!
The Certified Golf Coach designation is an advanced certification for established golf professionals with prior experience in the golf industry. The curriculum is designed for those who have significant golf teaching experience and the desire and ability to:
 • Increase Your Coaching Effectiveness
 • Credential Yourself as an Expert
 • Further Your Professional Development
 • Collaborate with a Network of Certified Golf Coaches
 • Learn the Best Practices of Top Golf Coaches

Costs for certification includes a one-time fee of $1,495 for the 3˝ day Coach Training Program and an annual membership fee for continuing education of $295. For more about becoming a Certified Golf Coach visit or call 954-752-3333.

“Do you want to have an immediate and meaningful impact with your students?  Do you want to attend a program that WILL make an immediate and meaningful impact on your life?  If so, this program is one of the few imperative programs that any serious golf instructor MUST attend.This class guides you through the steps it takes to go from acceptable to exceptional teaching. You simply owe it to yourself and your students to take a very careful look at what it offers.  In fact, call me and I'll answer any questions you may have personally–and no, I do not get a commission–this program is just that important to your success.”

 -Dom DiJulia, PGA Master Professional and GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher

“This program is brilliant!  Thank you, Dr. Jensen, for paving the way to a more effective approach to golf instruction.  The Certified Golf Coaches Association is the answer that our entire industry has needed for a long time. I can't imagine any serious golf instructor who would pass on it. As an industry, our approach to golf instruction is broken. This is the missing piece. It lays out a thorough strategy for developing a player through their entire process of improvement and the best part is it works with every swing methodology.”

-Trillium Sellers, Teaching Professional, Chevy Chase C.C. (MD)

"Attending Dr. Rick Jensen's Golf Coaches Certification program has truly been one of the best things that I have ever done for myself and my business in the 30 years that I have been teaching and coaching. The program had an excellent blend between the art, science and business of golf coaching. The class was just the right size and I was surrounded by top-notch, like-minded professionals. It's about more than being a swing guru, a lot more. So step up and make a paradigm shift. This program is a slam dunk!”

-Paul Horton, Paul Horton Golf Academy, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Registration is now open for these upcoming sessions:

January 21-24, 2012

Osprey Ridge
Walt Disney World
Orlando, FL
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September 17-20, 2012
Toronto, Ontario
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Rick Jensen, Ph.D., is the founder of Dr. Rick Jensen's Performance Center and a nationally recognized performance consultant and sport psychologist. Dr. Jensen is the author of Drive to the Top: 5 Timeless Business Lessons Learned from Golf's Greatest Champions and Easier Said Than Done: The Undeniable, Tour-Tested Truths You Must Know (and Apply) to Finally Play to Your Potential on the Golf Course.
     In golf, his clients include more than 50 touring pros on the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tours. Dr. Jensen’s clients have won a total of more than $65 million in career earnings and 199 tour victories. Fourteen of his clients have won at least one major championship and have combined to win a total of 33 majors.