The New Rules of Golf Instruction

Now you can Have Golf Instruction Without the Negative Side Effects

Hi, I’m Charlie King, Director of Instruction at Reynolds Golf Academy, home of The New Rules Golf Schools. I want to tell you about my e-book “The New Rules of Golf Instruction,” now available as a free download at
    Rick Jensen is a great friend of mine and we have had a project in mind for several years that would bring a set of standards to the golf instruction industry and make it a lot easier for golfers to know what to do, how to do it and have a chance at improving at this game. We took that opportunity. I came up with an idea for a title “The New Rules of Golf Instruction” and started writing it and gave Rick a call. He gladly accepted to contribute to the Mental Toughness chapter and the chapter on Practice.
    In the e-book, we have nine areas that are the different between the Old Rules of golf instruction and New Rules of golf instruction. In the full swing, the tendency in the past has been for a teacher to have a model or method. The problem is the model or method focuses on getting someone to look like a golfer in a very specific way. We look at the Hall of Fame of Golf and we see unique back swings. And yet if you go to someone who teaches an exact model or method you are going to be made to swing an exact way, look an exact way.
    Rick and I worked on the idea of Essential Skills. Rick uses it in his business and sport performance practice. I use it in golf instruction. One day I called him because I wanted to set up a program for improvement. I asked Rick how you set up a program. He said it is pretty simple. You need to determine the hierarchy of skills. I said, “Wow, nice $10 Ph.D. word Rick.” He said it means you decide what is the most important skill in the sport that you are teaching, what is the second most important skill, what is the third most important skill, what is the fourth most important skill and so on. And looking at it that way you come up with a set of skills that you then teach and they are prioritized.
    So you are not making people look like a golfer, you are giving them the skills of a golfer. The New Rules instructor in the short game motivates and inspires. The short game is a little bit on the boring side. When a person has an opportunity to decide what to practice, most are going to choose to work on their full swing. So as teachers we don’t need to give into that, but at the same time we don’t need to lecture people.
    We need to create contests. We need to measure and have objective ways of showing improvement but then motivate and inspire in a tournament contest atmosphere. We have done that through Golf’s Red Zone Challenge. This year we are going to have over $10,000 worth of prizes at the Reynolds Plantation version of the Red Zone Challenge.
    When it comes to mental toughness and the mental side of performing at your best Rick is THE expert. The Old Rules are Band-Aid, quick fixes: “be your own best friend”, “smile a lot more even though you are unhappy”, “pick the smallest possible target even though you are not skilled enough to hit it there.” We need what we call core mental toughness training.
    Rick has a great formula that he talks about. He had a bonus section on the website where you can link to more information. Then in the remaining chapters we talk about practice, the importance of fitness, the importance of equipment evaluation and how you would do a video analysis so it is helpful and not harmful. We talk about programs that motivate and inspire and we talk about effective communication skills. By the time you get to the end, we are putting the power to get better at golf in your hands.
    We have a checklist called the New Rules Instructor Checklist. It has the standards that you absolutely, positively should not accept anything less. The checklist also includes a set of interview questions to interview your instructor. Yes, you should have an instructor if you want to get better at golf, and now we are giving you the ability to evaluate and choose a New Rules instructor.
    We are also asking you to get involved and become a part of our movement. We want you to go to our website and sign up for the blog. Rick is going to be blogging as well as me and some of the other contributors. We are going to ask you to join The New Rules of Golf Instruction LinkedIn group and/or Facebook group. We are going to have a whole community of people who now have a clear picture of how to improve their golf game and a source of information you can trust.
    I am looking forward to having you become part of our movement. I’m looking forward to hearing all the stories of the improvements that will take place in your golf game - good luck!