Dr. Rick Jensen's New Book is a Game Changer for Your Students - and You!

“I’ve been fortunate to work with many of the game’s top pros, and Easier Said Than Done explains what ultimately separates these champions from the rest. If you embrace Dr. Rick’s 12 Truths, you are going to take your game to a much higher level.”

– Chuck Cook, Rated among the Top 5 Best Teachers in America by Golf Digest

Easier Said Than Done
The Undeniable, Tour-Tested Truths You Must Know (and Apply) to Finally Play to Your Potential on the Golf Course

     Are You Good Enough to Choke?
      Imagine for a moment that you’re in a boxing ring with Mike Tyson. Now, before you say, “Yeah right, Dr. Rick,” you have a good reason to be in there, as you have an opportunity to earn one million dollars if you can last a full round with the former heavyweight champion. If after three minutes in the ring with Tyson you’re still standing, you’re an instant millionaire.
     Now, how confident do you think you would be as you entered the ring? Better yet, what do you think the odds are of you lasting those three minutes? That’s right, zero! Unless Mr. Tyson is in a wonderful, giving mood or you struck a deal with him beforehand that every dollar will go to his favorite charity, you’re as good as dead--or, if you’re lucky, you’ll just get knocked out immediately. Without the necessary boxing skills and training, you’re going to be anxious, fearful and choking your guts out. How could it be any other way?
     So, why is it so likely that you’ll be knocked out? Is it due to your lack of mental toughness? Your fear of failure? Your increased heart rate? Or your lack of positive thinking? Of course not! The reason you are going to be lying flat on your back is quite obvious – it’s because you’re not adequately prepared for the challenge! Whether you’re in a ring with Mike Tyson or on the golf course facing a difficult shot over water, lack of preparation is the No. 1 cause of failure during competition. The mental states (e.g., anxiety, fear, negative thoughts) that accompany the situation are more often symptoms of the lack of preparation, not the cause of the failure.
     How many times have you heard golfers say that they have a hard time taking their game from the range to the course? Interestingly, they more often than not think the cause is “mental.” The word they use most often is “choking.” Their game succumbs under pressure and they automatically assume it’s something mental, not physical. They never once think that their problem may be related to their skills; that they just might not be good enough.
     Dr. Rick Jensen, who has trained more than 50 PGA and LPGA Tour professionals, has peeled away the layers of misunderstanding, confusion, and wishful thinking that obstruct golfers’ improvement at all levels. If you’ve ever questioned why you can’t take it from the range to the course, why you don’t play up to your expectations, why you don’t play more consistently, or why your game doesn’t improve—this book provides you with the honest answers – the 12 Truths you must know to play great golf:

Truth #1: It’s Not About the Swing – Golf is a Game of Skills
Truth #2: All Skills are Not Created Equal
Truth #3: You Can’t Skip Steps – or You’ll Trip and Fall
Truth #4: You Must Stick to Something Long Enough to Master It
Truth #5: There’s No Way Around It – Practice is a Must
Truth #6: Where Lessons Don’t Work, Coaching Does
Truth #7: Your Fitness Will Set the Ceiling for Your Potential
Truth #8: To Transfer It to the Course, Practice Like You Play
Truth #9: The Weakest Link Breaks Under Pressure
Truth #10: Under Competition, Your Brain Reverts to the Familiar
Truth #11: You Will Play Average or Better Only 50% of the Time
Truth #12: Golf is a Game of Misses

Yes, the 12 Truths are – as the title points out – “Easier Said Than Done.” This explains why everyone doesn’t do them! Those who do, get ahead. Way ahead! Those who demonstrate the ability to walk the talk, to implement and to apply these 12 Truths do rise to the top. This disciplined execution is what separates the best from the rest. Dr. Rick invites you to stop talking and start doing. Become one of the few who actually understand and do the things that are “Easier Said than Done” and finally find out how well you actually can play this game.

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About the Author
Dr. Rick Jensen, Ph. D. is the founder of Dr. Rick Jensen's Performance Center and a nationally recognized performance consultant and sport psychologist. Dr. Jensen is the author of Drive to the Top: 5 Timeless Business Lessons Learned from Golf's Greatest Champions. In golf, his clients include more than 50 touring pros on the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tours. Dr. Jensen’s clients have won a total of more than $65 million in career earnings and 199 tour victories. Fourteen of his clients have won at least one major championship and have combined to win a total of 33 majors.
     Dr. Jensen served as a staff psychologist at the University of Florida where he received his Doctorate in Psychology with a specialization in Sport Psychology and Exercise Science. He has been featured on ABC, ESPN, CNN, and the Golf Channel, has also contributed to the Majors of Golf Magazine, Golf Digest and GOLF Magazine.

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“Rick Jensen is one of the most original thinkers in the game today. The tough love he gives in this book – his 12 Truths for playing better golf – deserve every serious golfer’s attention.”
- Peter Morrice, Senior Editor, Golf Digest

"Dr. Rick Jensen is a world class sports psychologist and a gifted coach and educator. His experience and expertise with both high performance golfers and coaches is second to none."
- Henry Brunton, Former Canadian National Men’s Team Coach for Golf Canada

"The coaching knowledge and strategies that I have learned from Dr. Rick and his 12 Truths have transformed my teaching business. I’ve never felt so confident that I can finally help golfers elevate their games to a much higher level."
- Cheryl Anderson, 2006 LPGA National Teacher of the Year

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