Certified Golf Coaches Association

Certified Golf Coaches understand that playing great golf is about more than perfecting your golf swing!  Your decision to become (or locate) a Certified Golf Coach confirms that you have acknowledged the same and therefore desire to connect to a network of golf professionals dedicated to the discipline of COACHING golf.  Certified Golf Coaches are committed to providing golfers with an alternative to the traditional TEACHING paradigm within which teaching professionals have unknowingly engaged in and perpetuated a flawed golf instruction model that has significant limitations:

  • The teaching of technical swing mechanics without sufficient understanding of the science of skill acquisition
  • Promoting unrealistic learning and performance expectations
  • Inconsistent and infrequent contact with students
  • Limited supervised practice opportunities
  • Lack of customized training to ensure the transfer of skills to the golf course
  • No accountability to results – shooting lower scores

Alternatively, Certified Golf Coaches receive training and on-going education in several key sport sciences (e.g., motor learning, motor performance, sport psychology) to ensure quality, research-based golf coaching.  Upon completing the core training program, applying the training on-the-job, and making a commitment to continued professional development, Certified Golf Coaches receive a Certified Golf Coach (CGC) designation to demonstrating that they are utilizing the most current best practices in golf coaching and training.  Certified Golf Coaches are committed to:

Science-Based CoachingApplying sport science disciplines in the coaching of golf
Student-Centered LearningFocusing on students’ learning, not “teaching” a methodology
Getting ResultsUnderstanding that quality coaching leads to lower scores
Continuous LearningNetworking and sharing best practices with colleagues

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