The 7 Disciplines of Growth: 

How Top Professionals Consistently Take their Business Outcomes to the Next Level

Are you looking to grow your revenue, your sales, your profitability or your client base? Reviewing case studies from the world of business, Dr. Jensen discusses how to implement The 7 Disciplines of Growth.  As you learn to maximize your growth efforts, you will be challenged to take a critical look at the mindset and behaviors that limit your business growth.


Additionally, Dr. Jensen will draw from his experiences with top performers within the world of professional sports in demonstrating what it takes to build repeatable and sustainable habits that lead to consistent growth. Dr. Jensen will help you:

  • Break Through Existing Non-Producing Growth Paradigms
  • Position Your Practice for Growth
  • Structuring Your Business for New Opportunities
  • Differentiate Your Practice
  • Structure Your Business around the Lifecycle Needs of A-Clients
  • Deliver a Unique Value Proposition
  • Maintain Consistent Contact with A-Clients and Prospects
  • Develop Repeatable Client Service and Client Acquisition Systems