When the Going Gets Tough, Play Like a Champion

Do you behave like a champion when the going gets tough? Unlike most people, champions have learned to stay engaged and perform at high levels under adversity? Rather than sticking their head in the sand and waiting for conditions to improve, champions view adversity through a lens of opportunity.

Get an insider's look at how top performers, in sports and business, manage their perception and behavior under the most difficult of circumstances. Learn the 3 steps to responding to adversity in a positive and productive way. Take the time to examine your personal tendencies, assess their effectiveness and discover new strategies for thriving under pressure.

This program includes:
  • Understanding your personal reactions to pressure, stress, and adversity.
  • Learning how peak performers respond effectively to difficult conditions.
  • Practicing mental toughness strategies needed in times of adversity.
  • Developing your action plan for playing like a champion under adversity.