July 15, 2020
An author, presenter and world-class coach, Rick Jensen, Ph.D., is the founder of Dr. Rick Jensen's Performance Center and is an internationally recognized performance consultant and sport psychologist.
Playing with "Mr. Big"
You just got the call: an invitation to play golf with your boss, “Mr. Big” (or Mrs. Big), a top prospect, a valued vendor, a strategic partner, a potential investor, or any other person of significance. Immediately you experience that surge of conflicting emotions – thankful for the opportunity while fearful of embarrassing yourself.

With trepidation, you accept the invitation knowing that you don’t have the time to become that great player you want to be, ought to be, should be, could be! You are going to have to tee it up as you are – for most, a weekend warrior at best, who has blatant, identifiable errors in your game. Who doesn’t hit too many three-putts, “wide-right” drives, skulled bunker shots, bladed wedges, or chunked chip shots? So, with the knowledge that you are far less than perfect on the golf course, how should you approach playing with your boss? Here are a few suggestions...

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