Run Through the Finish Line: How Top Performers Finish Strong Coming Down the Stretch

As a year winds down, sales professionals and managers begin projecting whether or not they are going to hit their annual goals. Staying motivated and focused while finishing off the year becomes a must. Whether you are on track to reach your goals, ahead of pace, or in need of some good fortune to meet your goal, Dr. Jensen will provide you with what it takes to finish strong!

Tiger Woods strives to “Run through the Finish Line” when finishing off a tournament. You can learn to do the same by following Dr. Jensen 3 keys to finishing strong:

1) Fall in Love with the Opportunity
2) Accelerate When Others Would Coast
3) Execute a Clearly Defined Game Plan

As he demonstrates how top sports performers master these three keys, Dr. Jensen will teach you how to think, act and perform as you “Run through the Finish Line.”