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Using Golf to Drive New Business

January 27th, 2016

Author: Dr. Rick Jensen

Using Golf to Drive New Business

Target Audience: Financial advisors interested in using golf to generate referrals and acquire new clients.

Program Deliverables: Train financial advisors how to use golf as a platform through which they can entertain existing clients and acquire prospects who have a passion for golf. Demonstrate how advisors can use golf language and golf experiences to effectively communicate their value proposition.

Learn to attract and acquire high net worth prospects who have a passion for the game of golf. Drawing from his first-hand experience with high growth advisors as well as with major champions on the PGA and LPGA Tours, Dr. Jensen provides you with the scripts and activities needed to use golf to drive new business.

Come dressed for golf as you experience how to train like the pros while learning to use golf events to creatively convey your unique value proposition. The presentation addresses:

      • Conducting golf events that drive new client acquisition
      • In golf and financial services, “The weakest link breaks under pressure”
      • What you have in common with golf’s major champions - “It’s the archer, not the arrow”
      • Using golf to turn clients into advocates