Financial Advisor Training

Financial Advisor Training

Drawing upon his extensive experience with leading firms in the financial services industry, Dr. Jensen provides financial advisors with the training needed to grow their assets, attract new clients, and be more productive. Below are a list of Dr. Jensen's most requested training programs and presentations for advisors.

Drive to the Top! Business Lessons Learned from Sports Greatest Champions

Target Audience: Financial advisors striving to overcome complacency, grow their practices, and take their production to the next level.

Program Deliverables: Demonstrate how top performers in financial services and sport identify, prioritize and act upon market and business opportunities. Provide specific examples of how multi-million dollar producers establish and execute on their business plans.

Are you interested in learning what it takes to become best in the world at what you do? Top performers, in sports and financial services, design and execute plans that focus upon the greatest opportunities in their business. As a result, these champions generate greater business growth with less effort.

Through the lens of professional sports, Dr. Jensen outlines the five performance principles that top advisors and athletes use to take performance to a world-class level. Dr. Jensen will teach you how to utilize these same principles to take your practice to even greater heights. The presentation addresses:

      • Overcoming complacency – breaking through your performance plateaus
      • Understanding the critical drivers of revenue and new asset growth
      • Identifying and prioritizing your business opportunities
      • Taking action: Turning best practices into repeatable business systems

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Disciplines of Growth: How Top Producers Consistently Acquire New Clients and New Assets

Target Audience: Financial advisors pursuing business growth and new client acquisition

Program Deliverables: Provide advisors with the knowledge, tools, and strategies required to exponentially grow their business. Help advisors shift from a start-up survival mindset (pursuing any prospect with a pulse) to a disciplined approach to growth that attracts and lands targeted, profitable prospects.

Reviewing business case studies from inside and outside the world of financial services, Dr. Jensen demonstrates how top producers implement the Disciplines of Growth. Dr. Jensen draws from his 20 years of coaching multi-million dollar producers as he demonstrates what it takes to build and execute sustainable habits that accelerate business growth.

As you learn to maximize your acquisition efforts, you will be challenged to take a critical look at your book management, your referral networks, and your existing client acquisition plan. You will leave this program with actionable takeaways that you can execute immediately. The presentation addresses:

      • Positioning your practice for growth
      • Defining your target markets
      • Differentiating and branding your practice
      • Maintaining consistent contact with people with money

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Advice Matters: It’s Not Just What You Say, but How You Say It

Target Audience: Financial advisors striving to shift their practices from transactional to advisory.

Program Deliverables: Provide advisors with the essentials to building long-standing, trusted advisory relationships with clients. Teaches advisors how to demonstrate the value of their advisory fee, provide more than "commoditize-able content", and master the “process” of advice-giving.

The growth of low-cost brokerage services and robo-advisors has led clients to ask “What added value do I receive for the fee that I pay to my advisor?” Providing clients with access to investment products, software-generated financial plans, and recommended asset allocations are not enough. Such commoditized advice must be complemented by a valued advisory process that delivers much more. The interpersonal and customized benefits of advice-giving can be achieved only through human interaction – via the advisor-client relationship.

For the foreseeable future, the process of advice-giving will be the differentiator. HOW advice is delivered to and perceived by clients will be what distinguishes advisors from the competition. Drawing upon his expertise as a licensed psychologist and his extensive experience advising world-class performers, Dr. Jensen shows you how to:

      • Master the stages of advice-giving
      • Seek and reflect understanding
      • Build essential interpersonal skills
      • Develop long-term, trusting relationships
      • Motivate clients to take action

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Using Golf to Drive New Business

Target Audience: Financial advisors interested in using golf to generate referrals and acquire new clients.

Program Deliverables: Train financial advisors how to use golf as a platform through which they can entertain existing clients and acquire prospects who have a passion for golf. Demonstrate how advisors can use golf language and golf experiences to effectively communicate their value proposition.

Learn to attract and acquire high net worth prospects who have a passion for the game of golf. Drawing from his first-hand experience with high growth advisors as well as with major champions on the PGA and LPGA Tours, Dr. Jensen provides you with the scripts and activities needed to use golf to drive new business.

Come dressed for golf as you experience how to train like the pros while learning to use golf events to creatively convey your unique value proposition. The presentation addresses:

      • Conducting golf events that drive new client acquisition
      • In golf and financial services, “The weakest link breaks under pressure”
      • What you have in common with golf’s major champions - “It’s the archer, not the arrow”
      • Using golf to turn clients into advocates

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Motivating Clients to Take Action: Helping Clients Overcome their Financial Fears

Target Audience: Financial advisors striving to better understand and influence client behavior.

Program Deliverables: Provide advisors with the knowledge needed to understand and interpret clients’ resistance to advice and action. Provide sample scripts of how advisors can motivate clients to move beyond their fears and begin taking action.

Unquestionably, financial advising is a relationship business. Beyond mastering the essentials of investment management and financial planning, financial advisors must be able to “advise” people - - people who have experiences, perceptions, and reactions that influence how they think, respond, and behave.

Drawing upon his training and experience as a licensed psychologist, Dr. Jensen provides you with a crash course in understanding and influencing client behavior. Improve your ability to communicate with tough clients and break through the resistance that prevents clients from embracing and acting upon your advice. You will learn to:

      • Better interpret and respond to client reactions
      • Alter client perceptions and behavior
      • Present advice through the language of opportunity
      • Motivate clients to move beyond their fears and to take action

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Running Your Business Instead of It Running You: Management Strategies Designed to Maximize Effectiveness and Efficiency

Target Audience: Financial advisors striving to gain control of their business, time & life.

Program Deliverables: Provide advisors with practical business and time management strategies that will help them become more productive and efficient.

This program provides advisors with the knowledge and strategies needed to maximize their organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Reviewing the best practices of elite performers in the worlds of business and sports, Dr. Rick Jensen provides advisors with what it takes to get the most from their time, energy, and resources.

Dr. Jensen reveals the specific, field-tested management systems that champions use to manage people, time, and tasks. Practical tools and best practices are reviewed to ensure that participants are able to “walk-the-talk.” The program will address:

      • Learning to effectively juggle multiple roles & responsibilities
      • The 6 essential champion management systems
      • Time management strategies for maximizing efficiency
      • Spending time doing the right tasks with the right people

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