Coaching Golf is About More than Perfecting Your Swing!

Certified Golf Coaches understand that playing great golf is about more than perfecting your golf swing! Your decision to become (or locate) a Certified Golf Coach confirms that you have acknowledged this "truth" and therefore desire to connect with a network of golf professionals dedicated to the discipline of COACHING golf. Certified Golf Coaches are committed to...
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Testimonials You Have to Read Golf Coaching Certification Program Dr. Rick Jensen's Biography

What Others are Saying . . .

  • "Dr Jensenís guidance has been instrumental in shaping the coach I am today and the coach I will ultimately become in future. He provides knowledge as to whatís critical versus convenient in helping elite players reach their goals and as such these learnings are cornerstones in my coaching processes on a daily basis."- Cameron McCormick
    Coach of World #1 Jordan Speith; Ranked #17 Greatest Teachers in America by Golf Digest
  • "Dr Rick Jensen stands alone as a national speaker and performance improvement expert that has delivered captivating and tremendously well received programs for our Financial Advisors for years. Rarely will you find a featured expert that can combine incredibly engaging and relatable stories of his personal success coaching with the countryís top elite athletes with tactical change strategies that have delivered proven results for our Financial Advisors."- Mark Ricca
    Head of Practice Management Consulting, Merrill Lynch
  • "Rick Jensen was an impressive addition to our speaker forum for our commercial, private bankers and wealth advisors at BankUnited. His poise and energy served to retain the attention of our team members, and his demeanor instills trust through fluid engagement. His sports analogies brought relativity to the importance of focus, planning, and execution."- Dan Overbey
    President, Bank Insurance & Securities Association
  • "Rick is one of the most thoroughly prepared performance coaches I've had the pleasure to work with. His understanding of the keys to success are second to none, and his combination of wit and wisdom makes for a highly entertaining presentation. You and your company will benefit greatly."- Michael Breed
    2012 PGA National Teacher of the Year; Host of Golf Channelís ďThe Golf FixĒ
  • "Rick is a first class leader and speaker. He never fails to engage, inspire and motivate an audience. He is genuine and enthusiastic and truly cares about affecting his audience and contributing to their success. His message is impactful, challenging and inspires his audience to hard work to achieve success."- Keith Burger
    National Sales Manager, AIG Financial Distributors
  • "I have had the privilege of having Rick speak at several major meetings for two different companies. He invests the time to integrate the people, the language and the strategic priorities of the organization into his message. His speeches are extremely motivating and impactful."- Kyle Okimoto
    SVP, Head of Marketing, E*TRADE Financial
  • "Dr. Jensen is a great partner. He is relatable, engaging, and a dynamic speaker. He has helped us develop the solutions that will help financial advisors take their business to the next level."- Cara Peck
    Head of Talent Planning & Development, Wells Fargo Asset Management
  • "Dr. Rick has been one of the most sought after advisors to golfís top instructors and players for many years. He has revolutionized the way top coaches train their students. Iíve had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Rick speak at least half-a-dozen times and at every one of those conferences he has been the most energizing and effective speaker on the program."- Lorin Anderson
    Exec. VP, Golf Channel Academy
  • "Dr. Rick Jensen is a world class sports psychologist and a gifted coach educator - his experience and expertise with both high performance golfers and coaches is second to none."- Henry Brunton, BPE
    Golf Canada National Men's Coach
    GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher
  • "Rick Jensen is one of the most original thinkers in the game today. The tough love he gives in his book ďEasier Said than DoneĒ, outlining his 12 Truths for playing better golf, deserve every serious golferís attention."- Peter Morrice
    Senior Editor, Golf Digest
  • "Anytime you can listen to Rick or read anything he writes, itís always a plus. Rick is fantastic."- Ivan Lendl
    Former World #1 ATP Tennis Champion
  • "Iíve been fortunate to work with many of the gameís top pros, and Dr. Rick understands what ultimately separates these champions from the rest. If you embrace Dr. Rickís 12 Truths, you are going to take your game to a much higher level."- Chuck Cook
    Ranked #2 Greatest Teachers in America by Golf Digest
  • "The coaching knowledge and strategies that I have learned from Dr. Rick have transformed by teaching business. My students regularly refer others to me and my business is growing like never before."- Cheryl Anderson
    2006 LPGA National Teacher of the Year
  • "Dr. Jensen presents things that you donít know. This provides instant credibility versus presenters who simply tell everyone things they know but just arenít doing. Youíve got to hire this guy, because he is the real thing."- Jim Jiao
    Merrill Lynch
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