Management/Leadership Development

Management/Leadership Development

Organizations are a reflection of their leadership and thus all levels of management should continually seek professional development. Dr. Jensen provides training programs designed to address the most common leadership challenges: recruitment, team management, business planning, coaching, time management, and business growth. Below are several of Dr. Jensen's most requested leadership development sessions.

Recruiting and Motivating Champions: Leadership Strategies for Building a High Performing Team of Advisors

Target Audience: Managers/Leaders responsible for hiring and developing top producers.

Program Deliverables: Provide managers and leaders with the knowledge and strategies needed to identify, attract, and motivate top producers. Teach leaders the interviewing and motivational techniques needed to eliminate complacency and build an office/complex of high-achieving advisors.

Are you challenged by advisors who have become complacent and lack the motivation to take their practice to the next level? Learn the management skills essential to motivating and building a high performance team of advisors. Dr. Jensen provides you with research-based, field-tested strategies for surrounding yourself with top producers.

In the world of sports, champions are both recruited and developed by top coaches. Dr. Jensen will share his experiences with sports’ greatest athletes and coaches as he teaches you the keys to recruiting and developing high-achieving advisors. This program addresses:

      • The cause of complacency and what you can do about it
      • Applying the science of motivation to drive success
      • Motivational techniques for influencing advisor behavior
      • Interviewing strategies for identifying and attracting prospective top producers
      • Uncovering advisors’ potential - - before you hire them

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Coaching to the Top! Leadership Strategies Proven to Develop Champions

Target Audience: Managers/Leaders striving to improve their coaching skills.

Program Deliverables: Provide managers and leaders with the coaching strategies needed to drive advisors’ production to the next level. Demonstrate “coaching in action” to enhance leaders’ ability to walk the talk with their advisors.

Do top producers seek you out for assistance with their practice? Are you confident that you can help advisors at all levels grow their business? Dr. Jensen will share his tour-tested, proven strategies for inspiring and developing champions, in sport and financial services.

Through the use of video demonstrations, case examples, and thought-provoking discussions, Dr. Jensen will teach you how to coach advisors to identify, prioritize, and act upon business opportunities. You will learn practical coaching techniques that you can use immediately with your work with advisors. This program addresses:

      • Facilitating the 5 essentials of champions
      • Tools and techniques for assessing strengths and weaknesses
      • Coaching across the 4 steps to mastery
      • Facilitating advisor self-discovery and empowerment
      • Execution is key – arranging and providing accountability

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Running Your Business Instead of It Running You: Management Strategies Designed to Maximize Effectiveness and Efficiency

Target Audience: Managers/Leaders who manage many tasks and responsibilities; those looking to gain control of their business, time & life.

Program Deliverables: Provide leaders with practical business and time management strategies that will help them become more organized, productive and efficient.

This program provides leaders with the knowledge and strategies needed to maximize their organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Drawing upon his experience with elite performers in the worlds of business and sports, Dr. Rick Jensen provideleaders with what it takes to get the most from their time, energy, and resources.

Dr. Jensen reveals the specific, field-tested management systems that champions use to manage people, time, and tasks. Practical tools and best practices are reviewed to ensure that participants are able to “walk-the-talk.” The program will address:

      • Learning to effectively juggle multiple roles & responsibilities
      • The 6 essential champion management systems
      • Time management strategies for maximizing efficiency
      • Spending time doing the right tasks with the right people

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