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Disciplines of Growth

January 27th, 2016

Author: Dr. Rick Jensen

Disciplines of Growth: How Top Producers Consistently Acquire New Clients and New Assets

Target Audience: Financial advisors pursuing business growth and new client acquisition

Program Deliverables: Provide advisors with the knowledge, tools, and strategies required to exponentially grow their business. Help advisors shift from a start-up survival mindset (pursuing any prospect with a pulse) to a disciplined approach to growth that attracts and lands targeted, profitable prospects.

Reviewing business case studies from inside and outside the world of financial services, Dr. Jensen demonstrates how top producers implement the Disciplines of Growth. Dr. Jensen draws from his 20 years of coaching multi-million dollar producers as he demonstrates what it takes to build and execute sustainable habits that accelerate business growth.

As you learn to maximize your acquisition efforts, you will be challenged to take a critical look at your book management, your referral networks, and your existing client acquisition plan. You will leave this program with actionable takeaways that you can execute immediately. The presentation addresses:

      • Positioning your practice for growth
      • Defining your target markets
      • Differentiating and branding your practice
      • Maintaining consistent contact with people with money