Prospect & Client Entertainment

Prospect & Client Entertainment

Dr. Rick Jensen is the ideal speaker for client meetings and prospecting events. Sharing his firsthand experiences with top athletes and coaches, Dr. Jensen entertains your guests while creatively integrating and communicating your unique value proposition. Below are Dr. Jensen's most requested client/prospect presentations.

Timeless Life Lessons Learned from Sports Greatest Champions

Target Audience: Clients and prospects interested in applying the thinking and habits of world-class athletes to their personal and professional lives.

Program Deliverables: Entertain and inform clients while demonstrating why and how world-class athletes have achieved greatness. Discuss opportunities for clients to apply the performance habits of champions to their own personal and professional endeavors.

Are you interested in learning what it takes to become the best in the world at what you do? Champions in the world of sports are masters of deliberate practice and mental toughness, and thus they generate greater results with less effort.

Through the lens of professional sports, Dr. Jensen outlines the five performance principles that top athletes use to take performance to a world-class level. Dr. Jensen will teach you how to utilize these same principles to take your personal and professional aspirations to even greater heights. The presentation addresses:

      • The 5 essentials of champions that drive their success
      • Why Tiger Woods dominated the game of golf – and why he doesn’t any longer
      • How champions learn to work smarter, not harder
      • Overcoming complacency – breaking through your performance plateaus
      • Taking action: Turning best practices into repeatable habits

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Taking Your Golf Game to the Next Level

Target Audience: Clients and prospects who have a passion for golf and an interest in improving their own games.

Program Deliverables: Provide golfers with strategies and experiences that will help them dramatically improve their on-course performance. Communicate the value proposition of the host advisor(s) via analogies from the world of professional golf.

In an enthusiastic, hands-on, and entertaining manner, Dr. Jensen will provide you with the knowledge and strategies needed for you to play to your potential on the golf course. Sharing his firsthand experiences with many of golf’s major champions, Dr. Jensen will demonstrate how you can break through your scoring barriers and begin training and thinking like the pros. Bring your golf shoes and clubs as you will have the opportunity to practice the same drills and strategies used by the world’s best touring pros. The program addresses:

      •The four steps to mastering golf
      •Why golfers choke – and what you can do about it
      •Playing more consistently –every golfer’s dream
      •Practicing with a purpose
      •Taking your game from the range to the golf course

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